Using an E-Ink Monitor

I recently bought an e-ink monitor: Dasung’s 2019 13.3” Paperlike HD-F. This post covers my knee-jerk reactions after having used it for a few days. There are other more in-depth reviews of it online.

DASUNG monitor sleep screen

DASUNG monitor indoors

DASUNG monitor ghosting

DASUNG PaperLikeClient UI

These past few days using the Dasung have been enjoyable. Time will tell whether this monitor becomes a daily driver for me, or an odd peripheral I dig out when I need to like invert a binary tree at the beach.

I look forward to e-ink technology developing. Less ghosting, faster refresh, higher resolution, full color support, lower price point, thinner/lighter profile, and better software integration would make this device really incredible. Today it almost feels like a prototype, but even with its current limitations, I can already envision how it might change the way I use my computer.

An integrated laptop experience would be interesting. I could see using an e-ink laptop for work, and maybe even as a personal device if the video-watching experience is compelling enough. The assumed battery life increase is an obvious win.

There’s something deeply appealing, to me at least, about the prospect of being able to use my computer comfortably, regardless of ambient light. Being able to see the screen at the park, the shore, the stoop, the deck, or even just by a sunny window makes the act of using a computer feel more human.

It might be a good thing that sunshine and being on my laptop have (so far) been mutually exclusive – why sully a nice day with The Algorithm? Maybe AI and/or VR will make this form factor obsolete one day. But it’s nice to picture a timeline where one can author a blog post from a lawn chair without squinting.

DASUNG monitor outside